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Are you looking for an authentic and professional styling ?


Or do you doubt your charisma?

Then you've come to the right place.


My name is Ioanna Argiriou.

As a state-certified make-up artist and personal branding expert, my goal is to enhance and compliment your individual style, with celebrity-perfect results.

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the magic
that makes you, YOU.

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My mission is to help you become the best version of yourself. It is also a matter close to my heart to support people in breaking their limits and going beyond themselves.

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Since 2012 I have passionately supported TV presenters, public figures, politicians and managers at home and abroad with the right styling and worked with advertising agencies, photographers, designers and production companies.

As a state-certified make-up artist and personal branding expert, I work from Essen/Ruhr for my customers worldwide.

I offer you my expertise and experience on an international level, as well as the highest level of commitment.

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Look Book 1

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Modell mit Blumen in ihrem Haar
Fashion Editorial
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Look Book 2

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Junges Modell mit geschlossenen Augen

Look Book 3

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Look Book 3

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Bildschirmfoto 2021-03-17 um
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Look Book 4

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Unleash the 
magic that makes you, YOU!

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Are you looking for authentic and professional styling for your very special occasion?

Then you've come to the right place. 


I am a well-experienced makeup artist on an international level, with the highest level of commitment. As a make-up artist and personal branding expert, authenticity is very important to me. Your styling should emphasize your personality. With me you get an authentic and long-lasting look that comliments your dress and says "Wow!" to everyone who sees you. To get an impression of what is possible (without professional image editing), please click on Lookbook 4. In it you will find before and after pictures.​

I understand tasks quickly and interact with directors, producers, as well as stylists. I can prepare mood boards and references for the crew as well, lead a team of makeup artists or work in a team with a lead makeup artist. 

With meb by your side, 

​✓ You get an authentic and long-lasting look that underlines your personality.

✓ You increase your well-being for your appearance.

✓ You leave a professional impression.

✓ You get a well-experienced makeup artist on an international level.

Commercial Shooting, TV & Stage, People & Business



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Intouch Awards

Icon & Idols Awards

Iron Head Awards

Marc Cain, Commercials

InStyle, Greece

L'oreal GmbH, Commercials

Maybelline New York, Commmercials

Dessange Parisercials, Commercials

RTL, Guten Morgen Deutschland, Tv Show

RTL, "Die 25..." , Tv Show

NTV, Tv News

Pro 7, Zervakis & Opdenhö

ANT 1, Puzzle Train,  Tv Show in Greece

Comedy Central, The Comedian Road Trip

ARD,  Lokalzeit, Tv News

VOX, Shopping Queen, Tv Show

WDR,  Das Leben ist Lila, Tv Dokumentary

Deutscher Entwicklerpreis, Tv Awards

EU Stakeholder Forum


Digital X

ECR Kongress für Handel & Konsumgüterbranche

The Walking Dead, Season 3 Trailer, Germany / USA

LR Interieur, Commercial Greece

VR Leasing Gruppe, Commercial

Genau mein Fall, Police Germany, Commercial

Bild Auto Motor, Magazine

Vintage Flaneur, Magazine

Hera Hochzeit, Magazine

South-Fashion Catwalk, Fashion Show

Novartis, Commercial


Gundula Gause, Tv host, ZDF

Saskia Naumann, Tv host, RTL / NTV

Norbert Dickel, former Bundesliga player and stadium speaker, BVB

Hans Sarpei, former Bundesliga Player Schalke 04

Robin Dutt, head coach VfL Bochum

Antony Ross, singer, show entertainer and Tv host 

Gesa Eberl, Tv host, NTV

Christopher Witsch, Tv host, NTV

Marcel Wagner, Tv host, NTV

Nico Holter, Tv host NTV

Marcel Wagner, Tv host, NTV

Karen Coleman, BBC producer, 

Sabine Asgodom, public speaker & coach

Jean Pütz, Science journalist and tv host

Uwe Schulz, Tv host, radio presenter, WDR 5  

Lara Katharina Trautmann ( Lara Loft ) singer, Tv host and voice actress

Carina Holzner "Doc Caro", Medizinerin, Pro 7

Anna Berdecke, actress

Ingmar Stadelmann, comedian, Comedy Central 

Osan Yaran, comedian, Comedy Central 

Thomas Schmidt, comedian, Comedy Central 

Felix Thönnessen, public speaker & coach 

Jenni Gallagher, manager L’oreal Germany

Thomas Eiskirch, lord major, Bochum

Christoph Dammermann, state secretary for economic affairs

Bibi Kossmann, Tv host

Kimsy von Reischach, Tv host

Timo Glock, Formal 1 racing drive

Isabel Glock, designer

Bert Wollersheim, reality soap

Pina Coluccia, celebrity

Fabian Siegmund, actor and und Tv host

Daniel Budiman, Tv host



Ksenia Genske, haute couture designer / Snowstorm Collection

Nadine Isabel Baldus, fashion designer

Bijou Brigitte

Femkit Bridal fashion

Weise Fashion GmbH & Co.KG

Jekyll & Kleid

Top Vintage

Küss die Braut


Anna C.Menzel

Peggy Sue Vintage



Makeup & Style

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Making off deutscher Entwicklerpreis 2020/ Awards


Stage Makeup Broadcaster / Digital X

Commercial Police Germany

Stage Makeup for fashion designer Nadineisabel Baldus ( time laps )

How I do makeup on mature skin

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Make & Style Individual Training

Do you doubt your charisma?

Do you feel invisible and unnoticed?

Many people are unsettled when they look in the mirror. You doubt your charisma and feel invisible and unnoticed. Self-confidence is often at a low point, which in turn has an impact on professional and private life. I would like to use my know-how and all my passion to help you. "Unleash the magic that makes you ➵ YOU"

My course is about bringing your true personality to the outside and laying the foundation for new self-confidence. How do you think you are perceived and how would you like to be perceived? And who do you really want to be? I am convinced that authenticity is a key to success. You only radiate it when you feel comfortable in your own skin. This determines the impression you make in your private life and on your colleagues and customers. I will help you with individual coaching to show your true self to the outside world and to find new self-confidence. Your wishes always come first.

✓ You will find your authentic look and thus increase your well-being.

✓ You will learn step by step how to conjure up quick and fresh make-up

✓ You will learn how to optimally care for your skin under the make-up.

✓ You will learn how to combine make-up, hair and clothing colors to suit your type and which colors support your look.

✓ You will receive a suitable styling color table for your type.

✓ You will receive step-by-step instructions as a PDF so that you can easily recreate your personal look.

✓ You benefit from the shipping service of my partner company and get your products conveniently delivered to your home.

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Neue Flyer-2.jpg

Dear Bride,


Your wedding day is a very special event for every woman. The best day of your life. And that's why I'm especially happy you've come to me.

As a makeup artist with a focus on personality, it is very important to me that you feel good as a bride and receive the perfect styling that underlines your personality; one that not only excites the groom and the guests, but also flawlessly lasts all day, down to the last minute. To accomplish this, we’ll arrange a bridal rehearsal, during which we develop your matching makeup and bridal hairstyle that suits your character, wedding dress, and skin.​​

The aim of the bridal rehearsal is to leave my studio with the certainty of having found your dream look. This is why during the rehearsal, there will be no "that's approximately what it'll look like ...", but 100% the same styling you'll receive on your wedding day. Everything is done step-by-step until we find the perfect result. Your wishes are always front and center.

We work together as a team and your wishes are always in the foreground. After all, THIS is YOUR DAY ! On the day of your wedding, enjoy some peace of mind while in my studio during your one-on-one appointment.

You are welcome to bring your wedding dress, bridal shoes and accessories to my studio before your big day and store them there and after styling I will be happy to help you with the wedding dress and lace them up. Upon request, I’m available to help your loved ones with their makeup as well.

I would be happy to meet you by phone or via zoom and tell you more about our bridal rehearsal and process. I am happy to answer all of your questions. Afterwards, you’ll be granted access to the Bridal Lounge. Here you will find everything needed for your preparation: tips, tricks, and checklists - everything you’ll need for your most beautiful day, because preparation is the first step towards achieving a perfect day.


Skin Analysis


Is it possible to have the exact skin you've always wanted? The skin impurities are reduced and the pimples are gone. The pores are minimized and your skin is radiant. The moisture content is absolutely ideal and the fine lines of dryness are also reduced. ​

As a TV make-up artist, I know that brilliant styling begins with optimal care. Because only healthy and well-groomed skin is the basis for a perfect make-up. In order for you to be able to choose the right care products that can bring solutions to your problems, the current skin condition must be assessed.

✓ Together we carry out a skin analysis (also possible online!) in which we analyze your skin type and optimize your care routine.

✓ You will learn why not every cosmetic product has the same effect and the difference between active ingredient cosmetics and filler cosmetics.

✓ You will receive a skin care program tailored to your needs.

✓ You will receive a skin care booklet tailored to you, including step-by-step instructions for your care routine as a PDF.

✓ You benefit from the shipping service of my partner company and get your products conveniently delivered to your home.

Product advice & Product recommendation

This service is available in person in the studio as well as virtually via Zoom.


Touch Base


I accept bookings many months in advance. Reserve your date as soon as possible. To discuss your needs and check availability, please contact me today at

+49 176 98 188 022      

or via mail at:

With your request, you confirm that you have read the privacy policy and agree that your details and data will be collected and stored electronically to answer your request.

Thank you!